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Spam - Keurig canada system Glitch up to 96% off CAPSULES!

Posted By: KaptainCanada, posted 2013/12/07 23:26
Looks like a GLITCH in the CAnada System:

Saturday December 7th., 2013.

Glitch in CANADIAN web-site System giving away Boxes 24 Capsules in a box for $ 0.71¢ taxes and shipping included!

Hurry before they fix their system! :-) GO FOR IT!!!!!!!

HERE IS HOW!: Glitch in system:
24 pack Coffees: only 0.71¢ , Taxes and Shipping included!

-HOW TO: Go to Keurig CAnada
Pick a 24 coffee pack, and go to checkout.
in COUPON Code Box, type in "THANKS" - No quote signs
and Voila! $ 0.71¢ - Confirmation emailed to you in writing.
Make sure you Become a free member so your
shipping and email information is already there!

Do it while their System is still GLITCHED!
I ran if 4 times and it worked every time! :)
So that is 24 xs 4 Coffee Capsules for:
4 Xs 0.71¢ = $2.84 for 4 capsules short of 100!

- I figure once you have their PROMISE IN WIRITING to deliver that package
at $ 0.71¢ in your email, it is a LEGAL BINDING CONTRACT!!!!

- GO FOR IT! - I didn’t see any SMALL print denying doing this, so tell me
if you do please, meanwhile - HAPPY KEURING COFFEE PRESENTS!

-= K C =-

Nota Bene:
Morally speaking, I did try calling them but the Canadian side [ .CA ] is closed at 5 pm! :( USA open to MIDNIGHT!

so who the he|| can call them before one finishes work, HUH!?

I kept my morals and called their other toll free, but it was for USA
addressed purchasers & I was told after being walked through the verbal
make by a nice costumer service rep. in Mid Florida for about 10 minutes!

so hey! NOT MY FAULT! Eh? HuH!? ;-) ???
Go order them and see what YOU get!

and say "THANKS"- no quotes singes,
to get price recuded to $ 0.71¢ a Box of 24! (-:

NB: If they try to bill you for me, they Cannot legally
do so if they sent you an email stating it is only 71¢
For All 4 of MY ordewrws I have 4 email confirmations of this71¢ price WITH The order Number too!

And in Quebec, and Ontario CONSUMER LAW
states: any SMALL print – which I could not find – CAN YOU!? -
( If YOU dom Please tell us all, ok? )
that is hard to see, find or interpret or read due to size
is LEGALLY INVALID! “ Pointe Finale!” J


ENJOY – See what you get too!
Let us know, eh?


Brought to you By:

-= Kaptain Canada =-
  • Anna2013/12/08 06:58:16
    Thank you and welcome to Bargainmoose!!! I have featured it here:
  • chelseabro2013/12/08 11:24:13
    Amazing! I just used this deal a few times!
  • bbybootz2013/12/08 19:03:59
    how did u find out about this n e ways?
  • bbybootz2013/12/08 19:07:25
    how did u find out about this n e ways?
  • margarita2013/12/08 19:27:19
    And here I thought I got an amazing deal the other day when I ordered k-cups for 28% off X)

    This definitely takes the cake! Good job on spotting this glitch Kaptain Canada ;)
  • imd10002013/12/08 19:50:33
    good job guys!!
  • evilnbr2013/12/08 20:10:37
    It seems that it is being fixed... just a banner page with nothing to click on for ordering or anything.
  • margarita2013/12/09 00:16:44
    Yeah looks like the glitch has been fixed! Hope all who ordered get their purchases 8)
  • feoilseantoir2013/12/09 23:09:05
    Just got an email saying they are not honouring my order. I only ordered once using the coupon code.
  • feoilseantoir2013/12/10 00:14:14

    Edited By: feoilseantoir on 2013/12/10 00:15:09: accidental duplicate

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